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About Us

Nustoria – Derived from nummus (Latin: Coin) and historia (Latin: Learning through research; story). 

 Nustoria is dedicated to coins, numismatic research, and the exploration of societal history through coins.  We believe every coin has a unique story.  And that coin’s story reflects the development of human society and culture as well as the people that have touched it along its journey. A coin is a portal that connects us to the art, ideals, values, technology, and history of the period in which it was minted.  Coins also evoke personal stories – a childhood find of a wheat penny in pocket change, a Grandfather who collected coins or an Aunt who loved Indian head cents – and they stir memories of people and places that have shaped our lives. 

Inextricably, coins are also a tangible store of value – the monetary value of the underlying metal, the face value of the coin in commerce or the numismatic value of a collectable rarity. Throughout history, coins were given in exchange for items ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary – a newspaper or a loaf of bread, a communion dress or a wedding ring – coins have passed for eons from hand to hand, connecting each of us to one another and to the world we share.  The story within each coin represents the multitude of value decisions made over time with each transaction. Coins continue to weave those stories even today.

Let us know how Nustoria can contribute to your story!