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1994-P Jefferson Nickel Matte Finish SP70 - NGC

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This is a stunning example of the 1994-P matte finish Jefferson nickel.  This example is flawless with the grade of SP70 from NGC - The highest grade achievable. This limited edition special issue was released as part of a coin & currency set in a mintage of just 167,703 coins.  This compares to a mintage of 722,160,000 for the circulation strike 1994-P Jefferson nickel and a mintage of 3,394,792 for the 1994-S proof Jefferson nickel. Listed as one of the 100 greatest modern U.S. coins.  Fewer than 650 grade SP70 at NGC.

Mintage: 167,703

Weight: 5.0g

Designer: Felix Schlag

Composition: 75% Copper, 25% Nickel

Diameter: 21.2mm