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1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar MS64 NGC

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The Stone Mountain commemorative half dollar was executed by noted scuptor Gutzon Borglum in an effort to raise funds to support the carving of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  The work was promoted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and carving under the direction of Borglum began in 1923. The side of the mountain to be carved was deeded to the effort in 1916 with the stipulation that it must be complete in twelve years. Borglum's vision was for a grand scale with hundreds of individual figures surrounding depictions of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.  Disagreements led to Borglum leaving the project in 1925.  He was replaced by Augustus Lukeman, who was able to complete only Robert E. Lee's head before funds ran dry in 1928.  The land was returned to the previous owners and the uncompleted sculture remained until the State of Georgia purchased the land in 1958. Work resumed on the memorial in 1964 under the direction of Walker Kirkland Hancock's chief carver Roy Faulkner.  The work was finally completed in 1972 depicting only the three main subjects on horseback and remains part of Stone Mountain Park.

This example of the 1925 Stone Mountain commemorative half dollar is graded MS64 and shows radiant, satiny mint luster throughout.  The Stone Mountain half dollar is one of the most abundant classic commemorative coins at a total mintage of over 1.3 million coins.

DESIGNER:  Gutzon Borglum
DIAMETER:  30.60 millimeters
WEIGHT:  12.50 grams
MINTAGE:  1,314,709
MINT:  Philadelphia
COMPOSITION:  90% Silver, 10% Copper