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1847-C Liberty Head Gold Half Eagle XF Details

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A golden sunglow 1847-C Liberty Head Half Eagle from the Charlotte mint.  This specimen enjoyed active circulation in its early life as evidenced by the XF Details designation, smoothed surfaces and ample wear marks adorning the faces.  Gold coins minted in Charlotte are rare in any year and denomination, although 1847 was the highwater mark for half eagles from Charlotte, with a mintage of 84,151.  Modest mintages and regional demand for coinage meant that many Charlotte issues saw heavy circulation and attrition.  Only about 600 graded examples remain, and uncirculated examples are extremely rare. This specimen is representative of the issue, with the vast majority showing circulation wear and a median grade of XF45. A very nice example of the highly collectable Charlotte gold coinage.

Mintage: 84,151

Weight: 8.359 grams

Composition: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

Designer:  Christian Gobrecht

Diameter: 21.6 mm

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