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1835 Capped Bust Half Dime MS61 NGC - Large Date, Large 5C Variety

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A beautifully preserved mint state example of the 1835 Capped Bust half dime from the Philadelphia mint. Rich detail and a strong strike remain evident after nearly two centuries since its issue, earning this coin a grade of MS61 from NGC.  This is a wonderful example of an early half dime in excellent preservation. This example is the Large date, Large 5C variety.  There are four primary varieties of the 1835 half dime: Large date, Large 5C; Large date, Small 5C; Small date, Large 5C and Small date, Small 5C.

Mintage:  2,760,000

Weight: 1.35 grams

Composition: 89.24% Silver, 10.76% Copper

Designer: William Kneass

Diameter: 15.5 mm